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Author Topic: Atomic Pink - before & after bleach bath + Cupcake Pink results  (Read 4366 times)  Share 

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I just bleach bathed my AP so I could put Cupcake Pink and here's the results!



I'm quite pleased :D I didn't think it would lighten that much

now I'm sitting here with CP on my head, waiting to wash it off. I'll post a picture when it's done.


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Re: Atomic Pink - before & after bleach bath
« Reply #1 on: 14 Dec 11 / 09:40 PM »
Oh wow! :O
You're super lucky. It's gone to a nice shade, too.

Can't wait to see the results. <3


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results :D

the ends are a bit darker than the rest but it looks good.


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Lovely! So shineeeey

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Oooh I was going to say the after looks very much like cupcake!

It looks amazing <3


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Eeeeek I love it! I love pinks so so much, but I have a pot of Violet and Turquoise to go through before being allowed to by more dye...
I think you did such a good job fading and bleaching the atomic pink considering the usual success rate, so well done!


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Looks gorgeous :)

I love the AP but far too scared to use it, lol


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Love that colour. Cupcake is now on my 'want to try' list!

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it looks nice :)

however what I find amusing is how similar to the faded/bleached AP that color is :P


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yeah, it is similar. I still needed to dye it though since my roots were bleach blonde.

thanks guys <3


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I just wanna show my hair in a french plait :P
I looove this colour so much.


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Ooh I do miss cupcake.  It's lovely.


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Very pretty :D never been much of a pink person but the more I see it, the more I kiiinda want it.


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