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Started by mojo, 10 May 10 / 10:03 PM

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 :-*hi everyone i'm new here what a great website.Im wondering if anyone can help i have slightly dark brown hair which is dyed but like many others i would love to go blonde not a bright blond more a dark blonde i really dont know where to start.I have just used a hair colour remover which took me slightly ginger i then put a home rinse on which was ash blonde but it just made me dark again can anyone suggest any products i could use i was thinking about using jerrome russell but i dont know if it can be used on already coloured hair any suggestions would be welcome thankyou. :P


Hi to help need history colour remover did you follow instructions? did you put new dark blonde on right away? if so even though colour remover shrinks the molecules of colour that you the wash out with a clarifying shampoo and rinse really well. if you applied the colour right away you re activated any colour molecules that were left and it went dark again. you cab get blonde but not in one night if you are serious and patient i can help you get their.
more to follow if i hear back from you Mike B2MR


Hi to help and advise one would need more information but i guess you used a colour remover and then put the ash blonde on right away? indoing so you reactivated the colour molecules that you shrank!  Having used the remover you need to wash our with clarifying shampoo  rinse really well  to go blonde we need to get rid of the Ginger!
This explanation is for B4 remover but they all work the same way

I will explain how Colour B4 works
Colour B4 has two elements which create the remover.  Part A contains

hydrosulphite and Part B contains citric acid.  When you intermix these two

elements it creates a sulphite solution which is able to reverse the

oxidation process.  People assume Colour B4 kills the artificial colour

pigment, but all it does is simply shrink it.  You then have to apply the

Part C Buffer (which is a strong hair clarifier) and rinse and buffer the

hair for 10 minutes.  It is during this stage the shrunken colour molecules

are flushed out of the hair.

If you don't rinse the hair enough the shrunken colour molecules are

re-expanded over several days (and washes) and will cause the hair to darken

again.  Likewise, if you colour the hair immediately after using B4 with a

peroxide based colour (and pigment molecules are left inside the hair) the

old colour returns.

What people don't realise (when using permanent or even semi permanent hair

colours) is the peroxide strength in a lot of these colours is really high,

therefore even black colourants are lightening the natural hair colour by up

to two levels.  When the user removes the dark colour they sometimes see all

this orange hair and assume Colour B4 did it.  When in reality the previous

colours used have lightened the hair to that degree. 
hope this explains how you got where you are  you decide if you have the patients to really want top be blonde! Mike B2MR


 :(thanks for the reply yes i did put the rinse on straight after it has gone slightly lighter as i have been washing it . Its more of a mid brown but you can still see a slight copper tinge only slightly nothing etreme i have just bought smart blonde and done a strand test i am waiting to see the result i am naturally i think level 3 maybe 4 will get back to you soon thanks.


sorry i didnt state i did follow the instructions to the letter it took a lot of time i thought my head was going to fall off all the rinsing i had to do not something i wold want to do all the time although it does work i just made a mistake.


Hi hold off on the new blonde shade  if you try putting a litter shade over what you have it may just act as a toner you cannot lift colour with colour so chance is you will end up with a sort of copper beige sort of colour.
Suggest that you try doing a shampoo cocktail to lift out some of the copper. you can try a stand test on this first as well. on with the gloves again
A cocktail or mild bleach bath is as follows 1/2 oz clarifying shampoo 1oz water 1oz/20vol peroxide or cream developer/ 1 scoop or 1oz bleach powder mix together work through your hair for 10 to 15 minutes this should lift out most of the copper shade if we van get to yellow or pale orange yellow its just about toning, if you do this keep an eye on it wash out with warm water condition wait 24 hrs prior to colouring.
hope this helps Mike B2MR my blog is posted in the Link section you might find it helpful