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Author Topic: Pantene 3 min miracle and John Frieda frizz-ease deep cond - Back from the brink  (Read 2139 times)  Share 

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Yay! So I totally fried my hair with 1 lot of 30 vol then a second lot of 40 vol. Literally, a patch of my hair looked burnt at the bottom like I'd lit it on fire D:

Anyway, I left my hair for a few days so it got a bit oily. Then proceeded to very lightly shampoo it, put the pantene 3 min miracle on for about 5 mins then smothered in John Frieda deep conditioner.


It's still not as strong as it was, but it feels so much softer and the "burnt" bits aren't looking as harsh. I think I will still get my hair chopped, but with a few more treatments like this I think my hair will be -almost- back to normal.

I'm just glad it's not as snappy and dry anymore! No more bubblegum hair! So glad the lady at the chemist pointed me in the right direction.
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