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Author Topic: directions toner  (Read 18431 times)  Share 

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directions toner
« on: 21 Apr 10 / 04:52 PM »
i've dyed my hair with  schwarzkopf live colour xxl absolute platinum, and its very yellow! :o
so i've bought directions toner, and i want my hair to go white,

 could somebody please tell me how long i need to leave the toner on for. :D



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Re: directions toner
« Reply #1 on: 21 Apr 10 / 06:38 PM »
I left it in for an hour. But thats because i got distracted by a film haha. The resault was good i had pale blonde hair with a tiny yellow tints here and there and the toner turnt my hair white as snow haha .



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Re: directions toner
« Reply #2 on: 21 Apr 10 / 09:41 PM »
About an 45 mins i left it and my hair came out almost pure white.

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Re: directions toner
« Reply #3 on: 22 Apr 10 / 06:16 PM »
It depends on how yellow your hair is just now and its porosity etc.  I personally would apply the toner and check it regularly.  As directions toner is basically a lilac dye (most white toners are) then if you leave it on too long your hair can take on the lilac shade of colour, which although this is easy enough to get rid of its another stage you could do without in getting white hair :)   The following link gives some basic info on White Toners and may help you further.
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Caligo Bastet

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Re: directions toner
« Reply #4 on: 26 Apr 10 / 02:42 AM »
Don't use a toner.
I find toners on these occasions (to take out the yellowness in your hair) a waste of money, they're good only to make your hair white once it's already platinum.

Instead you can use something called Silver Shampoo.
It's a purplish/bluish shampoo that takes out the yellowness and orange in your hair.
You just apply it on your hair, wait for about 5 minutes and rinse (at times it's better using it on dry hair, if your hair is really yellow).
It's great. Way better than toners to get the yellowness out of your hair, it costs less than toners, and has a lot more product.

You do need to find a good one though (try going with Shimmering Lights, I heard it's great! Oh and Nexus too if I'm not mistaken, heard it's even better. I don't have those where I live though, I use a different Silver Shampoo).

Only then, after all the yellowness is gone using the Silver Shampoo (you may have to repeat this a few times. or just wait longer, usually it does an awesome job, trust me)
Apply the Directions Toner and if your hair is bright enough it'll come out white :)

That's the secret. Many people don't know about it.

Anyways good luck! Awesome color. a nightmare to maintain unfortunately...


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