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Author Topic: Beeunique & Gallery Links  (Read 14520 times)  Share 

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Beeunique & Gallery Links
« on: 26 Sep 11 / 03:16 PM »
Quite often people ask about what colours are available, what shades of red there are and what colours do on unbleached hair etc. There's several posts across the forum with links to Beeunique's gallery and reviews but I thought it might be useful to have them all in one place for people to find them. So here goes:

Black/Grey Photo's

Turquoise Photo's

Blue Photo's

Green Photo's

:)Yellow Photo's

Orange Photo's

Red & Burgundy Photo's

Purple Photo's

White/Silver Photo's


Rainbow & Mixed Colours





Shaved Hair



Curly Hair

UV Lighting

Newest Pictures

Now if you're looking for a certain colour or style please click the link you need without having to open a new tab. ;D It might give you some ideas about what shade of a particular colour you want or how certain colours look with certain hairstyles etc. Enjoy the lovely pictures and.. Happy hunting!


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Re: Beeunique & Gallery Links
« Reply #1 on: 26 Sep 11 / 03:18 PM »
Anyone wanting to know what a certain colour is like for dyeing and/or longevity may find the answers in the review section of Beeunique. Just click on the colour that you're interested in on this page and you'll see all the reviews available for your favourite dye.

If you see a (0) after the colour it means that no one has added a review yet. Why not try the dye and add your own review? We'd be glad to hear from you.


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Re: Beeunique & Gallery Links
« Reply #2 on: 26 Sep 11 / 03:24 PM »
Specific Photo's
If you know exactly what shade of colour you're after why not check the photo's of your favourite brand? This link takes you to a page of all the colours available on Beeunique. Click the colour you're interested in to see a selection of photo's of the dye you like.

Again if you see a (0) there's no photo's available of that colour but you're welcome to add your own into the website by clicking the link and clicking "Add Photo" on the empty page. Simply fill in the form that appears and the next time Nickki does a gallery update your photo will be added.

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Re: Beeunique & Links
« Reply #3 on: 26 Sep 11 / 04:34 PM »
Fantastic Mathurine - very helpful!  Thank you :)

One extra link I will add is for the colour swatches page.  Here you can see samples of all similar shades together i.e. if you want a green dye but not sure which brand/colour to try, you can see all the green swatches for various brands next to each other to help you decide which colour is closest to what you want.
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