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Colour B4 Information

Started by Mathurine, 05 Sep 11 / 07:50 PM

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IMO what colour you go for depends partly on the results of a second Colour B4 Extra, how willing you are to risk bleaching and how long you feel you can live with two-tone hair or a shade you don't like. A lot of people freak when they see ginger/ orange and end up slapping bleach or box dyes on making the problem worse by the time they come to Hairdyeforum.

If you have cuticle staining (as I do) or underlying ginger in your hair (most browns and blacks do) you will need to dye a colour that is forgiving of an orange base for example reds, browns some pinks, some purples. If you want to go blonde, green or blue you will need to wait patiently for a couple of weeks before you start bleaching or bleach bathing. Try to cut back on the straighteners because these damage the internal structure of hair the same way bleach and peroxide does, and ALWAYS do a strand test before any permanent colour or lightening. While you are 'resting' your hair do clarifying washes to remove all silicones from your hair then apply protein reconstructors or coconut oil to deep condition. If you don't clarify the silicones block these from getting into the hair shaft where they are needed.


I'm expecting it to go gingery tbh - so I thought I would probably get a brown semi permanent to cover up the two or three tones it's likely to be for a month or so..... is that right?  Eventually, I want to go in a blonde direction - but I'm willing for that process to be a gradual one. 

Does that sound reasonable?

I only use straighteners when I wash my hair really - so about 3 times a week.


That is a lot of straightener use - 150 times every year - and AFAIK GHDs run hotter than dermatologists recommend. High temperatures are very damaging to the core structure of the hair, you get lulled into a false sense of security because the combination of silicone styling/ heat protection products and the flattening of the cuticle makes the hair feel in good shape. Maybe learn heat-free ways of straightening your hair like wet wrapping? Then just use your straighteners to touch up for a night out when you really want a perfect finish.

A brown semi permanent is spot on. If you have cuticle staining you might not ever be able to bleach that out, so please do strand tests rather than bleaching your whole head. I'm not being preachy because I didn't strand test myself, but I was willing to lose the hair that had the staining and was already damaged (mechanical, I don't heat style). :-[ Having said that after I last posted I managed to lift more of the ginger by using Jo Baz in a different way - check out my thread in the Tutorials section. In total I did seven chemical processes and I will need to sacrifice a couple of inches of hair, at this point my ends could be babied but IMO straightening or any more chemicals and they would start splitting or snapping off.


Just remember not to use any brown with a developer, these will damage your hair, the only semi perm natural colours I know of that don't damage are those wash in wash out ones and adore? i think.. people have been talking about that recently anyway.
Just that things like casting creme gloss still contain peroxide.


Thanks Katie.  I will check to make sure there's not peroxide in whatever colour I put on afterwards.  I've been reading everything on this forum before I commit - so I'd already decided to check carefully!

Firefox - I have tried several non heat methods of straightening my hair in the past - but nothing works very well.  I'll see what shade I get to before I even try bleaching.  I'm not in a mad rush to go blonde - just a bit bored with the red now!  Like you - I'm willing to have a couple of inches chopped of my hair, if necessary to get rid of the darkest and most damaged parts. :-)  Payday on Monday, so I'll be off the buy everything!  I'll let you know how it goes......


Ha you are my hair twin!  :P


What's Colour B4 like with semi permanent dyes? I have this problem where I get bored quickly...


Colour B4 is hit and miss with semis, but a few people on this forum have tried Scott Cornwall's new Recolour Remover and had amazing results with semi dyes.


I'm hoping somebody could help me out/clarify something regarding colour b4............

I have been reading through the forums and this thread but I have problems with absorbing and retaining information so please forgive me if I have completely missed the answer to my question........

I have been dying my hair various shades of red and pink for a couple of years, then about 6 weeks ago I made the mistake of decided to dye my hair all black with a permanent box dye. Obviously, my love of my new raven locks lasted about a week.

I've been fading the dye with a dandruff shampoo but I plan to use colourb4 this weekend.

I did a strand test and it looks promising, but I'm slightly confused about re-oxidising and how long I should wait before bleaching........

If the strand test is accurate, I won't need to bleach the majority of the lengths of my hair in order to dye it red with directions poppy red, but I will need to bleach the regrowth from the pink that was present BEFORE going black, and the regrowth I have SINCE going black.

Would it be OK to do the bleach a couple of days after? I really don't want to wait too long as I know that my hair is going to be a bit of a multicoloured mess until I put the red on.

Also, I picked up some colourstop the other day because I read about it on a blog (and it was only £1!) - would this prevent re-oxidising and at what stage would I apply it?

I'm so sorry for such a long, rambling question! I really appreciate any advice you guys can offer :)

Right, I'm going to check out the make-up forum as I actually know what I'm doing when it comes to putting slap on!


We usually advise to do a few washes between a colour remover and any peroxide treatment to ensure all of the residues are out.  As long as the hair has had a few good scrubs it should be ok--I bleached the next day and didn't have a problem with reoxidising.  Just make sure you condition well and coconut oil before bleach, as the colour remover is drying and a few shampoos will dry it out a bit as well.  You should also ideally leave at least a day or two between your last shampoo and the bleach, in order to protect your scalp.

I've never heard of Colourstop, so I'm sorry I can't help you there :(


^ What she said!

I have used Colourstop and the only thing I didn't like about it was the smell. I think it might say on the packaging that you can use it after Colour B4 to stop oxidisation however I've never done it. I'd also be a bit anxious that if you hadn't rinsed enough it could trap some dye molecules still in your hair and maybe stopping a better result if that makes sense.


I have over dyed black hair, i was thinking of using colour b4 but i am unsure if this is the right thing for me so wondered if anyone could direct me, My roots are brown and a lot of the black dye (live colour) has washed out to a murky brown black but definately black just not the nice shiney new dyed hair black colour, if this makes sense. I wanted to use the colour b4 and then put the red black or purple black live colour on. I know its not much different and i have put a red black over the top before but it never looks quite right so i thought if i toop the top coat off it might work better. what do you think?

just to add to the last post, i would rather not use colour b4 if anyone has any tips of lifting it slightly or a dye that would be better to used, prefferably permanent that would go over it better and is black red or black purple in colour, cheeeeerrrs

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If you want the red to show as more than just a glow in the sunlight, you will need to lighten it slightly.  Box dyes like XXL have brown/black bases, so even if you put a dark red box dye over the black, you're putting a dark base over a dark base which won't give you much change regarding tint.

I personally would recommend Colour B4 or Scott Cornwall's new Recolour Remover (not the stripper, the remover) to lighten your hair and start fresh.  Can I ask why you don't want to use a colour remover?


cos there a tenner so i would rather only have to pay for a dye and not a dye and colour b4, i'm a bit skint at the moment lol thanks for the advice :)


No problem--you can always try Jo Bazz, they're a lot cheaper and just as effective :)


Hi guys!! I've used the jo baz which is like the same n have ended up a bright gingery orange... I kinda like it but I wanna go cerise.... I've strand tested with directions cerise, a bleach 40 vol, and a bleach bath and each one keeps ending up a dark red!!! Help.....


DONT use 40 vol! leave your hair a week & wash it atleast 3times, then do strand tests. you should get a good pink from ginger. failing that do a 30vol (max) bleach bath(mak sure you coconut oil first) then apply the cerise. 40vol always ends in tears. trust me i learned the hard way =(


Pippa kinda said it above, but I thought I'd also say clearly, it sounds like your hair is re-oxidising, it needs more washes before you can use peroxide on it, otherwise you'll end up where you started.
As pippa said, usually recommended are 3 washes between a colour remover and peroxide (some people need a lot to get the colour out of their hair)


Thanks girls =] I'll give it a go...


I tried a  bleach bath today and didn't do muchcof anything. I realized this may be due to the years of black dye that are still remaining even though I haven't dyed it in 4-6 mos and last time was demipermanent. So back to sally I went and got a color remover. I am trying it tomorrow when I get home. It says to rinse with a 20 vol developer optional which I'm just going to skip since I just did a bleach bath. Im in the States so its really hard to get color b4. I'm assuming any color remover will work in the same fashion? I plan to colorremover tomorrow. Then two days of washing and conditioning then opacity followwrd by 3 min miracle. Then a few days later it will be time for another bb. Wondering if another color remover between kpac and bb would do? I will make sure its all out so as not to reoxidisealso the color remover I'm using says u can mix it with 20 vol developer or do a developer rinse. I'm assuming I should not do this since I just bbed and dint want to double process. Or would that be ok?


Do not mix it with the peroxide as you will be double processing.  Just use the remover on its own, wash several times and make sure it's a few days between your last wash and the BB.


Thought this might help someone...
Used cb4 extra today on faded turquoise started out like this

Then went

Hasn't got rid of the colour, but I think a bb in a week will work well :)


Ahh that's a brilliant result!  It's faded it quite a bit.


It really is lighter in real life too :)

More pics


oooo i quite like that colour =)