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Author Topic: Hair Dye Sizes (Photo Comparisons)  (Read 2809 times)  Share 

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Hair Dye Sizes (Photo Comparisons)
« on: 24 Jul 11 / 10:25 PM »
A while back chrononaut posted a photo of their hair dye next to a mouse as a size comparison and several people said it was helpful so I said I would post pics of the 5 hair dye brands we sell next to everyday items - these pics are below.

Special Effects Dye - 118ml bottles

Manic Panic Dye - 114ml tubs

Crazy Color Dye - 100ml bottles

Directions Dye - 88ml tubs

Stargazer Dye - 70ml bottles

Livvv has posted a very handy 'price per 100ml comparison so you can see which dyes work out the cheapest and which may be the best value for money.  This can be seen here Hair Dye Price Comparison.

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