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bleach question

Started by xMoonfairyx, 16 Mar 10 / 12:03 AM

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Ive only used the boxes of bleach usually Jerome Russell 40%.Ive been looking on Ebay for powder & peroxide.Could someone tell me as I haven`t a clue can you use different brands together like one brand of powder and any brand peroxide or volume,hope you get what I mean.And whats the difference between white and blue powder.
If anyone can recommend some and where to buy would be great too.
Thanks :)
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I don't use brand name bleach kits like Manic Panic or Jerome Russel because I think you're paying for the name more than the bleach itself. Yes, you can mix a different brand of peroxide with a different brand of bleach, I do this all the time and have no problems. You want the bleaching power a blue tint though, it helps your hair become less brassy yellow.

Any hair shop or beauty supply shop would sell bleach to you. I live in Costa Rica which is why I can't really tell you Where or What to buy as the stuff I buy is in Spanish and more than likely you won't find it outside of Central America.

Be sure to do a strand test with any brand you use though, just to be on the safe side. Note down the time too of how long it took to become pale yellow.

Sorry I can't be much help.


I have used peroxide and powder from different brands and also bleach kits like Manic Panic's Flashlightening - both gave good results on me.  I think most beauty shops would say to use the developer and powder etc from the same brand but I have mixed different brands before without a problem, just make sure you get the correct volume etc and mix up the correct quantities.

Personally I think if you are bleaching your hair alot or for regular top-ups etc it works out cheaper to buy the different parts and mix together the quantities you need - if you are in the uk you can get these from places like Sallys, whereas if you don't want the hassle you can buy a kit which probably works out a bit more cost-wise but its already measured out for you and has the mixing bowl/gloves etc all included.  I normally recommend the bleach kits to those not used to bleaching their hair or to those who don't use bleach that often, but for those of you who do alot of bleaching or are experienced then buying the different parts for cheaper normally works out better.
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