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Author Topic: Stargazer UV Red antics  (Read 4238 times)  Share 

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Stargazer UV Red antics
« on: 06 Jul 11 / 09:44 PM »
I bought one of the new Stargazer UV Red cheap on Ebay,the pic on box shows woman with orange hair and it looks orange in bottle.Really tiny bottle so added tiny bit left over mandarin & tiny bit Poppy Red both Directions,so id have enough to cover hair.
Rinsed and it hadn't stuck to newly bleached roots,which never happens to me with Directions.
Its come out soooo bright,far to bright for me,brighter than a baboons @rse :o :o.
I hate it,im sat here with Pillarbox Red on hoping to tone it down.
Not into Stargazer gets the thumbs down from me, will still stick to Directions or SFX.
Heres a crappy webcam pic its even more orange and brighter in real life,dont know how they can call it UV Red its bloomin` orange !!!

Gonna be rinsing Pillarbox off soon figers crossed its well toned down.Ive discovered pink base reds suit me not orange :D
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Re: Stargazer UV Red antics
« Reply #1 on: 08 Jul 11 / 02:48 PM »
Aww, hope you like it better after the pillarbox. It looks quite nice on the pic, but it's a shame you didn't like it and I hope it works out. x


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