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Author Topic: Rainbow Finally!  (Read 5473 times)  Share 

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Re: Rainbow Finally!
« Reply #25 on: 04 Jul 12 / 03:08 PM »
I feel like I am the only one not knowing that flo glow is :(

Directions Flourescent Glow : )

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Re: Rainbow Finally!
« Reply #26 on: 04 Jul 12 / 03:47 PM »
Oh wow, sick color o.o;


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Re: Rainbow Finally!
« Reply #27 on: 04 Jul 12 / 04:37 PM »
any chance of fading pics? :D :D pwetty please!!!!

oh im soo sorry but I just redyed my hair yesterday, the colours didn't fade that much at all and the blue went a gorgeous blue although it was more turquoise but on my 4th wash the pink and purple went white, they faded sooo bad at the ends which is the only reason I redyed plus I'm going on holiday this weekend so I wanted to give a boost but I want to leave it to fade as I loved how every colour looked so I promise I will update when it does :D

Also thanks everyone and sorry Aeryu I wasn't too clear on the naming :)  

I've searched all the devices in my house and I've found a picture!!

It shows how it faded even though it wasn't styled so its wavy. Obv I'm the on on the right I was watching the Olympic torch :D

I haven't resized the picture as I think it shows my fade (and my lovely blue) better!

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Re: Rainbow Finally!
« Reply #28 on: 04 Jul 12 / 07:59 PM »
Wow, what a lovely rainbow... and great fade, too!! :)


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