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My results after bleach bath

Started by ajc109, 30 Jun 11 / 02:02 AM

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I just got done with my first bleach bath :D

here's the result:


my roots are now bright blonde and my pink is a lot brighter! I'm going to do another bleach bath next week, only on the pink though and then I'm going to use atomic pink.
I wasn't expecting it to go this bright since I used 20 vol peroxide.

bunny underbelly

Oh wow that looks like it really worked! And you hair looks in lovely condition too. Definitely going to try bleach bathing in future.


yeah, I haven't noticed any difference in the condition of my hair yet :]
definitely worth a try



Looking good.
It's good to know it's definitely not so damaging as full on bleach, I'm gonna use this method for my roots from now on.


do you guys think this is faded enough to put atomic pink straight onto it now? Or would I have to do another bleach bath?


It looks practically atomic now in those photos!

I've heard atomic's a really strong colour that will cover over red and orange tones ... perhaps do a strand test, see if it's pink enough for you?


yeah, I think I'll try a strand test. The ends of my hair are darker than the top atm and there's streaks of peach and light pink through it all.


I put atomic pink over gingery blonde hair and it came out fine, your hair is defo okay to put it on I would say!


thanks :]
I think I might just do another bleach bath on the ends of my hair because they are darker than the top. The top is a really nice peachy/pink colour, you can't really tell much in photos though.


Oh thats nice, kinda reminds me of rhubarb and custard :)


Wow, I think I might have to try this method for my roots.  Thanks for posting.


this is after another bleach bath with 30 vol peroxide

I'm going to put atomic pink over it on monday


Lookin` good what was the colour in the before pic btw,its nice
My hovercraft is full of eels !


it's Virgin Rose by SFX
and thanks :]


Its lovely colour ,wish i had SFX money lol
My hovercraft is full of eels !