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Author Topic: Grey Hair Dyes  (Read 2620 times)  Share 

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Grey Hair Dyes
« on: 09 May 11 / 09:35 AM »
I wanted to post a thread in here for this particular colour as its become very popular lately. Since about 2009 people have decided that grey/silver hair is the in thing but sadly no one tells you where the heck to get the dye! Loads of people pop in to this forum asking what to mix or how to achieve grey hair and until recently I had no clue.

Now I have a clue! So if you find any grey hair dye products please post them here and I'll see if I can add them to the list in this first post.

So I'll kick off with:

Pravana Chromasilk in Silver recommended by bettyblackbent who says once it's in it's hard to get out.
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Re: Grey Hair Dyes
« Reply #1 on: 13 May 11 / 02:59 PM »
There are silver/grey dyes available in semi-perm (veggie) dyes and swatches of these can be seen in the Gallery here White & Grey Dyes and you can also see photos by specific brand/shade there too.

Popular grey/silver dyes are Directions Silver and Stargazer Silverlook (no photos of this in the gallery yet).  However these are sometimes too light a grey/silver shade so a good tip for creating your ideal grey shade is to buy a grey dye such as Stargazer or Directions silver and then add some black dye to it to get it to the shade you want.  If doing this only add a little black dye at a time and mix well as a little can make a big difference to the final colour result, and always try a strand test first!  Remember these type of semi-perms last well after opening so if you only use a teaspoon of the black dye you can save the rest for later so it's not wasted. :)
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