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Author Topic: Ask or Dye!  (Read 2962 times)  Share 

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Ask or Dye!
« on: 04 May 11 / 02:02 PM »
There have been several posts on this forum over my time here saying that people have dyed their hair then been asked to change it. So before embarking on this epic journey into the rainbow please check the following:

School Many school state quite clearly that "unnatural" hair colours are not permitted. This will be announced on their website, in their paperwork for when your child started the school and in several other places. Most people don't think there's a problem so they don't check. Even if you do check and find nothing you still must ask before you dye your child's hair, even if it's for a charity event. Schools can and do send children home until their hair is dyed back to something more natural. This is inconvenient if you have to take time off work to stay with them, it's not good for their education and it wastes school time having to pull a kid out of class to send the home. So please ask the teacher AND the head teacher of the school before embarking on a bright hair dye, even if it's just slices of colour.

Work Your boss may be a very generous and fun person but if they don't own the company then don't assume that because they might like you with bright hair that the whole company will find it acceptible. Some people just don't like bright hair colours. Check with your co-workers and see if they would be offended by it. You have to spend a lot of time with these people and you really don't want to upset them and be unhappy from 9-5 every weekday. It's a big chunk of time to spend avoiding someone who takes the mickey all day long.

Partner/Spouse If you have one, ask first! No, I know you don't need their permission but a polite "heads up" would be appreciated before the love of your life comes home to a smurf. At least try to talk them round to the idea first. If they love you they'll come around eventually, just be patient.

Friends Will your friends be ok with your hair colour choice? Chat with them first and get them used to the idea before scaring them to death with your sudden choice of bright blue/green/orange/pink hair. Sometimes it's simply the shock of it that turns people against you. Sure they're not great friends if they hate you for your hair but still, it might be nice to at least get their opinion.

Opinions you're gonna get plenty! Some good, some bad. Don't let anyone tell you it's wrong but at the same time you have to be prepared for some of the comments you get. Maybe your friends will love it, your family will think it's wonderful, everyone in your close knit circle thinks you're awesome for trying something new. That's fab. But the guy at the petrol station, the old biddy at the supermarket, the little boy who hasn't learned to keep his mouth shut yet.. after a day of it you can get worn down.

Don't let any of it put you off. Sadly people still assume that if you have bright hair you're stupid. The more enlightened among us know that's not true and we will always support you no matter what. But we still live by the rules of the "normal" so please take this into account before you dye your hair any bright colour.

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Re: Ask or Dye!
« Reply #1 on: 04 May 11 / 08:19 PM »
^_^ Good advice, Matty (And I <3 the pun).

I find it interesting that some people who had seen me with orange and bright red hair were shocked at pink (despite my announcing my intentions beforehand).  Only one person (who I don't even know and just happened to be in my open floor office for a *day* while they were in town) took issue with it.  Everyone else either loved it straight away or have grown used to me and my hair dye adventures by now.

Although I can just *see* some parents on the street looking at their daughters, who are in turn staring at my hair in utter fascination, and thinking "Dear god.  Don't ever do that.  Ever."


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Re: Ask or Dye!
« Reply #2 on: 04 May 11 / 08:23 PM »
Great topic!

*rushes to her school website to see if unnatural hair dye is okay*

Also, about friends, I've mentioned to them I'll dye my hair and they didn't like the idea and to be honest - I don't care. I'm sick of saying/acting/wearing/being the way others want me to. I'm sick of trying to act like I fit in ._. So friends can go hell >_<


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Re: Ask or Dye!
« Reply #3 on: 05 May 11 / 05:35 AM »
That's a great text, Mathie! You should pin it!
Especially the work/school issue is an important point, as well as the possibly bad opinions of the 'outside world'. If you're not a born outcast like me ;) you'll really have to learn how to deal with sceptical glances and upset old hags...


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Re: Ask or Dye!
« Reply #4 on: 05 May 11 / 09:12 AM »
a polite "heads up" would be appreciated before the love of your life comes home to a smurf

Practically wet myself laughing at this line hehe :)) reminded me of my husbands face when he came home to me with flurescent pink hair  ;D


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