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Author Topic: Using Colour B4 to remove your hair dye!!!  (Read 3581 times)  Share 

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Using Colour B4 to remove your hair dye!!!
« on: 23 Apr 11 / 05:18 PM »
 :Di used colour B4 for the first time yesterday. Have been completely grey since i was 17 (31 now) and dyed my hair for many years, usually dark mahogany brown. i used colour b4 for 60 minutes on my hair (make sure it is soaking in the stuff!) then put cling film on my hair to keep the heat in. -my hair is long, bottom of shoulder blades. Lately cos of all the hair dying, my ends have been darker, so after the 60 minutes using b4, my hair colour was very light blonde with the ends darker (light blonde cos grey has no colour pigments). after i completed the colour b4 process i used it again but just on my lengths to get it lighter. It did improve! i then waited until the next day to dye my hair light ash brown. normal develop time is 20 mins for standard hair dyes, but after using colour b4, the hair seems more porous and would go darker than the desired colour, so i waited just 12 minutes then washed out. My hair is perfect now, and i can let my grey come through and blend, so i can get grey/silver highlights in the future. colour b4 leaves your hair in good condition afterwards! i was really surprised. if you plan to dye again, leave your hair for 24 hours after B4, and if you have porous ends ( tend to go darker than scalp ) wet the ends so they are towel wet, then apply dye, but for less time that stated on the dye box or your hair will come out darker. if you are left with red tints in your hair after using colour b4, use an anti dandruff shampoo (no conditioner) leave in for couple of minutes then rinse. you can repeat this as needed. anti dandruff shampoos dull down red tones. hope this helps you guys!!  for me, the stuff was well worth it!!    :P


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Re: Using Colour B4 to remove your hair dye!!!
« Reply #1 on: 23 Apr 11 / 11:14 PM »
Whoa thank you for all that information! That's definitely a massive help, will be considering that for myself! Thank you very much :D


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Re: Using Colour B4 to remove your hair dye!!!
« Reply #2 on: 28 Apr 11 / 10:59 AM »
I've been wondering about this myself I think I'll do it if I can't suit the patchy hair I've got at the moment


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