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Author Topic: To gloss or ???  (Read 206 times)  Share 

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To gloss or ???
« on: 04 Oct 21 / 07:34 PM »
I stopped coloring my hair a few years ago and have been okay with the growing number of "natural highlights' that I have. I have also been wearing it more naturally curly and love that I can wash and go.
Lately I've been feeling like the color could use a little boost, though. Like, I don't even know what to call it and it feels kind of like an unidentifiable mutt. (I just adopted a rescue dog last month so maybe that's why this thought came to me! lol)

I think what I'm bothered by is the darker sections that have a bit of red in them. And sometimes by the darker gray/brown color that seems so much darker and a little dull compared to my original dirty blonde hair and all of the many dyed colors that I had over the years.

Could i use a green toner all over to neutralize the reddish brown strands? Or a clear gloss to just give it some shine? Will the gloss make it less curly? Any other suggestions?

Thank you!!


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