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Author Topic: Help  (Read 1469 times)  Share 

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« on: 25 Nov 20 / 10:37 PM »
So my partner is natural red head but as he has got older looks more dark blonde.  When he bleachs it takes 2 bleachs and really hurt his scalp.  So atm He has about 3 inches of natural roots like dark blonde and bleach blonde on the ends. He used ultra lift natural looking colour he wanted it all one colour. After 10 minutes of it being on he washes it off as its turned his hair blue/grey. Ive got him colour b4 but he wants to go all one colour.  What colour would be best to get an all even colour.

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Re: Help
« Reply #1 on: 26 Nov 20 / 04:19 AM »
I'm a bit confused what he has now and what he did?

So how much is blue grey? Did he put the dye on his roots?

The one thing I'm sure of is that he first needs to match his roots to the ends before attempting to correct the colour. Putting anything, other than a possibly a very dark colour, will not come out even when his roots and ends aren't the same.
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