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Author Topic: Koleston Perfect  (Read 1103 times)  Share 

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Koleston Perfect
« on: 16 Oct 20 / 07:14 PM »
I have been using Koleston Perfect 66/0 together with Koleston Perfect 6/75 for several years.  My hair is quite grey and it covers it very well;  the result is usually a dark auburn colour, but now I have noticed it is looking very much more on the black side.  I usually leave the mixture on for up to 40 minutes. Can anyone advise me on the colours I am using, please?

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Re: Koleston Perfect
« Reply #1 on: 16 Oct 20 / 11:44 PM »
I'm not an expert on this type of colour, I used to use them when I trained to be a hairdresser, but that was many years ago and I didn't take up hairdressing as a career in the end.

So with that said, I will ask, are you using the colour all over very time, or are you using it just on the roots? This can make a big difference, especially if there's been a formula change. The colour can start to build up and look darker and darker. This is normally the cause of this happening. If you are doing this, definitely stop. If you need to top up the red on the lengths, because I know it can fade, the best way is to use a direct dye which are completely non damaging after you've done the roots. Adore is a good option with lots of great natural red shades. Once you've rinsed out the Koleston and before putting on conditioner, put the direct dye all over and leave for 20 mins. You can then even add a little of the direct dye to your conditioner for a little top up each month.

It could also be that your hair has changed over the years. A lot of people don't realise that roughly every 7 years you have an entirely new set of hair! Hair can change a lot with age.

It might even be that your skin is getting a little paler. This is a long shot, but skin colour can change slightly as you age. As you get older dark hair tends to be less flattering, so it might not be totally the colour getting darker, it might be that it's just getting less flattering. As I say though, this is the least likely, but it could be a small factor.

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