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Author Topic: Can I tone the yellow from my peachy hair?  (Read 1423 times)  Share 

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Can I tone the yellow from my peachy hair?
« on: 22 Jul 20 / 06:47 PM »
I think I'm asking the impossible sorry! Lol

So I've had this peachy hair for a while now.. got my roots done in the hairdressers but they weren't toned enough (didn't realise at the time) and I put the colour on when I got home
Is there any way I can tone the yellow or do I need to remove colour and tone then colour again?

Can anyone recommend any products? I have fanola shampoo and directions toner in the cupboard but can buy whatever


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Re: Can I tone the yellow from my peachy hair?
« Reply #1 on: 23 Jul 20 / 12:04 PM »
You probably need to use some purple shampoo, but it is likely to change the colour on rest of your hair too. If you can apply it only to your roots you should be ok, but that is pretty hard, especially on your own!

The only other way is to re-dye it a little darker and allow it to fade again. Or just add the darker colour to the roots and use the original colour on the rest and blend it with your fingers.

If you're really lucky you might just be able to re-dye it the same colour and it be ok. Sometimes it's just that the colour hasn't stuck as well to the roots because the hair isn't as damaged and just needs a little help! It's a bit of an experiment time really! So start off just reapplying and see how it goes. Apply it to the roots first to give it all the help you can!

You don't need to remove the colour though :)
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