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Author Topic: looking for silicone free color depositing conditioner  (Read 1291 times)  Share 

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Does anyone know of a color depositing conditioner that does NOT have any silicones? All of the ones I've looked into (adore, overtone, etc) seem to have some form of silicone listed in the ingredients list. I have naturally wavy hair and even the tiniest bit of silicione flattens it out and makes it stringy.  I have considered making my own using a vegetable dye like arctic fox and mixing it with a bottle of my own silicone free conditioner, but the color options are so limited. The color I'm trying to maintain is a natural rich copper red, which would be extremely tricky to achieve with options like manic panic and arctic fox.  Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated.

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Re: looking for silicone free color depositing conditioner
« Reply #1 on: 17 Jul 20 / 12:08 PM »
Try Adore in the normal range for rich copper reds. Even better, you can mix different shades to make your ideal shade. If the coppers aren't rich enough, add a drop or two of a bright red and a drop of blue (blue will act as a black, blacks are hit and miss as a colour to mix with).
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