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Author Topic: Mixing with conditioner damaged my hair?  (Read 1403 times)  Share 

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Mixing with conditioner damaged my hair?
« on: 18 May 20 / 09:42 AM »
Two weeks ago I dyed my hair with Crazy Colour Ruby Rouge mixed roughly half-and-half with silicone-free, coconut-based 'Kind Natured' conditioner. It felt terrible afterwards - dry, fragile, rough, tangled - and it's no better now. I never had this problem when I used no conditioner in the dye, or just a little. Has anyone experienced this before?

I read something recently about bonds within hair being weakened if it's wet for too long, and I'm wondering if the conditioner could have had the same effect. I did leave it in for a few hours. I'm just puzzled as to how else a conditioner could have dried out my hair.

Finally, does anyone have any suggestions for how I can improve the condition of my hair now, please? To give you more info, it's mainly unprocessed (other than stained by direct dyes), with bleached streaks (balayage) in the top quarter.


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