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Author Topic: your no bleach recommendations  (Read 1612 times)  Share 

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your no bleach recommendations
« on: 12 May 20 / 04:54 PM »
Hello everyone!

Lets make this clear, I understand fully that if I want bright colours I need to bleach my hair first, I've done it many times, but I'm not after bright colours here. What I'm looking to find out is what dyes you guys recommend for natural hair.

My last bleached colour was white/silver, and well you can guess the damage it did to my hair. I've grown and cut most of it out now and my hair is quickly growing back into its natural colour. I'd like to keep my hair away from bleach for a while, but I was considering a splash of colour. So....

Does anyone have any recommendations for brands and/or colours that take well to natural hair? I have some crazy colour peacock blue left over which from what I remember is pretty intense so may actually stick to my hair. Hoping for dark blues, purples, greens and I know its probably a long shot, but any reds?

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Re: your no bleach recommendations
« Reply #1 on: 15 May 20 / 03:40 AM »
It depends on what your natural colour is really. Blonde and any red will work, orange, medium to dark purples in the pink spectrum, dark purples in the blue spectrum. Peacock would be fine on blonde.

The darker your hair though, the less the colour will show up. Dark purples will work. Reds will generally work but look more burgundy the darker your hair. Peacock might work, but it’ll get muddy if you have a lot of red tones in your hair, especially as it fades. They’ll all mostly look almost black but the colour will show in the sun. A proper green definitely won’t work. Dark blue might, but that will definitely look black and won’t really look all that blue in the sun, it’ll have a slight tinge.

Ok, now that’s said, no brands are going to last long, but Adore seems to stick to natural hair a bit better. You’d be best off to do either a really quick peroxide rinse or very, very mild bleach bath. They might change the colour of your hair slightly, but the damage will be minimal and it would mean the dye would last much longer.

Hopefully that helps :)

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Re: your no bleach recommendations
« Reply #2 on: 18 May 20 / 08:31 AM »
I've had good results with Adore reds and dark pinks on natural hair - they all seem to show up well but Intense Red, Magenta and Wild Cherry show up very well. Crazy Colour's Ruby Rouge also shows up extremely well on my natural hair.

My natural hair is a medium mousey brown with bleached streaks, and these dyes last just as well on my natural hair as they do on the bleached parts (in fact the bleached parts often fade more quickly). They're permanent on me as they stain my hair.


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