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Author Topic: Advice please  (Read 1391 times)  Share 

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Advice please
« on: 12 Apr 20 / 01:48 AM »
So, over the years I've had my hair all sorts of colours, but in autumn last year I decided to tone it down (first mistake..)
I did the top 4 inches or so black (permanent) and the rest in turquoise directions alongside some alpine green.

Anyway, I want to go back to a full head of colour so with this lockdown, what better time to hide from the world and sort my hair!

First I used Colourless dye remover. It stripped the black but the green remains.
I've used head and shoulders a few times too but to no avail.

Today I used garnier nutriss d+++ to lighten, and this time unlike before it's barely touched my "natural" colour.
So this is what I'm left with.

I have a pot of cerise, a tangerine and another orange by directions.

What would you guys suggest. I'm thinking cerise to where  the green is then use some cerise mixed with conditioner for a lilaccy colour, aware that the browner bits would be browny-pink..


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Re: Advice please
« Reply #1 on: 12 Apr 20 / 01:50 AM »
Tried to add a photo but it wouldnt let me  *ott*


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