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Author Topic: Going Adore Cajun Spice!  (Read 1479 times)  Share 

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Going Adore Cajun Spice!
« on: 03 Feb 20 / 04:00 PM »
Hi all! Itís my first post here. I read all your threads about Adore and had to try it. I really donít have a question or comment yet, I just wanted to share what Iím doing and say hi!

Iím getting older and my dark curly hair is looking lighter and more frazzled, even though I havenít really ďdyedĒ it in years... it fries so badly. Sometimes I put my natural color cheap bottle dye right on my crown where the grays are worst and then forget about it for another few months. I usually air-dry, no heat damage.

 I had been looking for a wash-in sort of gentle dye, and Adore may be it. I know they have Adore Plus for gray, but their regular version was all I could order in time before I go on a trip. Dyeing hair an untried color right before prior plans, smart huh?  :laugh: 

Iím sitting here letting it soak in right now. I wish i could do a real dye session where I heat it in a towel several times over a few hours... but Iíll probably wash it out in about an hour.

My hair naturally turns a dull faded blonde at the ends, and now theyíre going to be plain cajun spice. So many folks mix cajun spice with something else, I couldnít find a picture of what the color by itself would be. Iíll upload some before and after pics for you here after Iím done. And a faded pic, because Iíll probably let that happen! :) I expect to put a layer of brown on next because I hear this fades bright orange...

Another note: I use olaplex treatments 3/4/5 pretty regularly, so I donít know just how well this will stick. I fear the first color treatment will be patchy... I fully expect it to be WAY BRIGHTER at the ends. Oh well. Iím already planning to use the adore + white conditioner follow up to even things out. Uh... what is white conditioner anyway? It sounds like just $1 suave or something.

I also use sunsilk cones and argan oil to tame the tips... avoided that for the past few days, pre-dye. (This is just what Iíve found works best for my hair. YMMV.) FWIW I live in a place with constant high humidity. My hair only looks combed for about five minutes... :laugh:

Boyfriend left me a while back and Iíd like to feel sexy again. So red hair and trips to the gym it is!

Thanks for listening to me ramble. Hope your hair adventures go well out there :)



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