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Author Topic: Rusk Elimin8 Colour Corrector  (Read 1853 times)  Share 

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Rusk Elimin8 Colour Corrector
« on: 31 Jan 20 / 01:45 PM »
Hello Lovely People,

I have posted before about my warm tones in my brown hair but I still have the issue even after using blue shampoo and putting on ash dyes.  My hair isn't naturally orange so it's the dyes I have previously used.

I am now looking to strip the colour out. I have purchased Rusk Elimin8 Colour Corrector from Sallys. However, on my visit to get a haircut today, the hairdresser said it could go orange when I strip it out. Why would it go orange? Surely it's just removing the dye and back to the natural colour underneath?

Anyone got any suggestions, recomendations or have you used Rus Elimin8 before?

I wanted to ask you all before I did it.


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Re: Rusk Elimin8 Colour Corrector
« Reply #1 on: 05 Feb 20 / 02:13 PM »
If you hair is naturally brown but has been lightened before, that's where the orange tones are coming from.

Box dyes have a bleaching action.  Colour strippers have a bleaching action (colour removers don't) so if you remove colour from hair that's had any bleaching/lightening processes, yes you may well find orange.

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Re: Rusk Elimin8 Colour Corrector
« Reply #2 on: 05 Feb 20 / 10:55 PM »
Everyone's hair has some amount of orange and yellow. Natural hair colour is made up of varying degrees of yellow and red. I have lots and lots of yellow and a little red, so my hair is a very dark ash brown. If someone has blonde hair, they also have less red pigments and lots of yellow, but they have even less of each. People with warm brown hair have more red and, obviously, people with red hair have lots of red. This is really, really simplified, but it's the basics.

So, I have lots of yellow and not much red, but if I lighten it a little with a bleach or dye that's lighter than my hair, the red tones show first because they're darker. This is what's happening to you. Using dyes with peroxide in you are lightening your hair just a little bit and those red/orange tones are showing. By stripping away any ash dyes and blue tones that are toning the red, it's just going to be orange again. Each time you use a dye that has peroxide, you're making it worse.

Stick with the blue shampoo alone as that's not going to lighten at all. Leave it on for a few minutes. If it's still too orange, leave it on a bit longer the next time.
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