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Author Topic: SOS Colour remover idiocy  (Read 904 times)  Share 

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SOS Colour remover idiocy
« on: 23 Dec 19 / 11:40 PM »
I messed up and used Provoke colour remover on Manic Panic purple in my panic to get back to red today (23 Dec)

I didn't know that the instructions said I have to wait 4 weeks to dye. Now it's stripped where the brown sections before used to be and now it's a weird denim blue fading into dark blue/black near the ends where there were darker semi colours used prior.

I'm at a loss as to what to do as I have photoshoots booked in and I need to fix it ASAP.
I have special effects candy apple red so I just need to get to an orange/ginger tone..... Is it worth trying a bleach bath  it or using a blonde dye to get to a decent point for my red in the next few days? I'm at a complete loss and on the verge of a breakdown  :-[

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Re: SOS Colour remover idiocy
« Reply #1 on: 30 Dec 19 / 08:34 PM »
That's probably the standard wait 4 weeks before using any sort of peroxide / developer kind of stuff.  That 4 week wait is to allow time for damage to show up so you can assess whether or not your hair can handle more processing.
In the meantime do NOT use any form of bleach, or box dye that you have to mix before application.

The good news?  You could slap a veg-based semi-permanent / direct dye on it now (eg Special Effects, Directions, Adore etc etc) if you want because they don't damage your hair at all.

In future read ALL the instructions before use  ;)


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