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Author Topic: Hair dye virgin - need advice!!  (Read 1687 times)  Share 

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Hair dye virgin - need advice!!
« on: 04 Sep 19 / 04:15 PM »
I'm wanting to dye my hair lilac/lavender/pinkish, I have never dyed my hair properly before so unsure on the best way to go about this. My hair is naturally blonde, but don't know if it's light enough to dye properly (attached a pic). I have been looking at directions hair dye as the have a pretty decent range of colours and it doesn't bleach at all. However, I have used this about 7 years ago to dip dye my hair and it practically washed out in 2 washes. So don't know how to make this stick better?
Any advice will be super helpful!
Thanks in advance!

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Re: Hair dye virgin - need advice!!
« Reply #1 on: 06 Sep 19 / 07:26 AM »
Basically, the only way to get Directions dye, and the like, is by damaging the hair at least a bit. You can do this through bleaching, a mild bleach bath would be enough, even a peroxide rinse. It lifts the cuticle a little and gives the dye something to stick to. It'll still fade fast though, unless you learn how to keep it vibrant. There's a great thread on it here,11009.0.html

Lilac or lavender are both colours that are too pale for your hair, so you'd have to bleach it to get it light enough. A deeper purple and a mid to deep pink would work though. A lightish pink (not as pale as baby though) might work, but it will pull to a more coral shade and fade even faster. The deeper the shade the longer it will take to fade.
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Re: Hair dye virgin - need advice!!
« Reply #2 on: 12 Sep 19 / 02:25 PM »
Yeah that's what I thought, I will probably look into bleaching it then. Thanks!


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