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Author Topic: Colouring newly bleached hair  (Read 1193 times)  Share 

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Colouring newly bleached hair
« on: 18 Aug 19 / 01:14 PM »
Urgent replies needed please  *stars*

I'm usually the "slap it on and if it looks a bugger slap another colour on top kinda gal 🙄.
However, yesterday I used a (jerome Russell) bleach kit for the first time ever to remove months of brown colours which I had been trying to strip with dandruff shampoo etc.

I have a short undercut pixie style and my roots are the perfect white blind, but the rest of my hair is worzel gummidge yellow.

My aim was to use schwarzkopf live xxl purple punk temporary/semi permanent (washes out in 15 washes) but am now worried how it will take on the yellow bits.

If I use a toner to get rid of the yellow can I colour straight away or do I have to build up the toner

OR any other solutions.

Thanks guys

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Re: Colouring newly bleached hair
« Reply #1 on: 18 Aug 19 / 01:25 PM »
depending how yellow it is, the purple will tone it to white. if the purple is light, then it will be uneven and may not come out very purple. dark purples tend to be more forgiving but i have no experience with those dyes so i cannot say for sure.
The jerome russell bleach kit uses very high peroxide so if you choose to use a toner, make sure it is a toner that does not require developer or it will damage your hair.
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