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Author Topic: Which Brand of Mens hair dye that wont increase hair loss n is safe?  (Read 847 times)  Share 

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Hi everyone.  I am new here and was wondering if you all would be willing to help.  I have been using Just for Men control GX for 6 months and like it.  However 2 of my friends have been using it and it is truly causing them to lose some of their hair.  They stopped and it is growing back.  I don't want this to happen to me and I have never dyed my hair.  Only used the shampoo/wash. 
Is there anything that is safe for me to use.  I just dont have experience in hair dye and want something easy for a newbie and is safe.  I want to keep my hair.  :)   I truly appreciate your time and help.  Thank you.

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hair dye shouldnt make you lose hair. If they were, then it is probably because of a sensitivity to it or the peroxide was too high causing scalp damage. Try to keep any dye away from the scalp so you don't have this issue. You can always try some gentler hair colors like naturetint. It is branded for women but there is no difference between dye meant for men or women, only the labeling. Adore plus is another brand of permanent dye that is gentler.
you could always try doing a quick peroxide wash (you put peroxide on for 5-10 minutes to open up the cuticle) and then you can use natural semi dyes like adore (not the plus, just regular adore) which have a lot of natural colors in their range.

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Thank you so much.  I truly appreciate it. I had no idea where to look.  You made my day.  I am going out to find these products and get one of them.  Thank you again.  You really helped me.  :)


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