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Author Topic: Is this a realistic hair goal for me????  (Read 750 times)  Share 

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Is this a realistic hair goal for me????
« on: 02 Aug 19 / 07:14 AM »
I previously posted about getting my hair to an indigo shade. Well that was only the goal due to lack of options because my hair was so dark.

Today I managed to lift ALOT with a bleach bath applied to dry hair (what a game changer) and I suddenly had all these doors *potentially* opening for me.

 My goal for the next few weeks is to spot-lighten all the unevenness with more of the bleach bath formula, and do a test strand on my roots to get an idea of how and where they'll lift to.

From there I'm hoping to achieve a periwinkle/ cornflower blue like in the photo.  What do you think? Can I swing it?  If my plan works out, will I have the right canvas for this?

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Re: Is this a realistic hair goal for me????
« Reply #1 on: 06 Aug 19 / 08:43 AM »
unfortunately for those shades you need very light yellow hair, like the inside of a banana, or even better, toned white hair. It is very difficult to get a pure lighter blue if you have any yellow at all in your hair.
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