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Author Topic: HAIR COLOR HELP  (Read 1310 times)  Share 

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« on: 20 Jul 19 / 03:54 PM »
A few months ago i dyed my hair Permanent red and bleached it but only some bleach took so i decided to go black(permanent). After a month of black i bleached it and thats where disaster started. My gair was orange, brown, and black. after using a color remover i haf just an orange color. After another bleach i was able to get some blonde. yesterday made a month so i bleached again and have a lot more blonde but CANNOT lift some orangey red spots!!! they do get lighter but i do not want to keep bleaching nor want to see a hairstylist just yet. im not sure about a toner because the spots may not be lightened enough. im not too worried about damage because i have short hair and will be cutting a lot off after all of this anyways. To mention iíve been through a ton of semi permanent hair colors and bleach and my hair can get very very blonde almost white and have never had this issue before. im starting to think to wait awhile and try a better bleach or just blonde box dye only on the parts that wont lift. im just wondering if anyone else has had this issue/ can help with resolving it weather its using a toner or something that can lift it just trying to stay away from bleach for a little. Also forgot the top loves the bleach and took pretty well its just some my length that is not lifting.

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« Reply #1 on: 22 Jul 19 / 11:15 PM »
What end result do you want. I can't actually work that out. Is it blonde? If so, what kind of blonde?

Can you post a photo? It would help a lot.

Red can be very difficult to remove and you should never try to remove it with bleach, no black. Bleach is made to remove natural pigment in hair, not dye pigment. Yes, sometimes it will remove it, but it's not designed to, so often won't. Also, red and black dyes, permanent and otherwise, frequently stain the outside of the hair and this can be difficult, or even impossible to remove (and for that matter ANY colour dye can). You might have to accept blonde isn't possible and go for a slightly deeper colour until it's grown out.
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