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Author Topic: Very Dark Ash Blonde to Brad Pitt  (Read 1225 times)  Share 

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Very Dark Ash Blonde to Brad Pitt
« on: 16 Jul 19 / 01:41 AM »
Hi Hairdyeforum! I am a 25yo Australian male. I was born very white blonde but by the time I was in my early teens my hair had turned almost brown. I have recently grown my hair out to past my shoulders for the first time for a particular hairstyle I have always wanted. It has a beautiful natural wave which was really unexpected but looks delightful. The hairstyle I want is that magnificent yellowy/blonde surfer hair coined so well by brad pit in the movie troy.

I have no knowledge of hair coloring and I don't really no what to expect. Some questions I have are.

Do I want a full head of foils or balayage? Like what do I even ask for?

How do you get that golden yellow colour, is it hard to tone that way?

Also I'm thinking of lightning my hair at home a bit before going to a saloon with sunbum or a mix of peroxide/baking soda.

I was wondering if I lighten it blonder all over will it wreck that great effect between the gold highlights and the darker hair at the bottom?

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks :)

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Re: Very Dark Ash Blonde to Brad Pitt
« Reply #1 on: 16 Jul 19 / 09:46 PM »
Donít use sunbum (I donít know it, but Iím assuming itís a spray in sun lightener?). It causes a lot more damage than is worth it for the affect you get. If youíre not careful youíll just get patchy orange.

The best way to get this look is over time in my opinion. Well placed highlights or balayage to start with will give you an all over look not unlike this, but itís the times after that will bring you closer to the natural sunkissed blonde look. Each time the ends get lightened a little more some being processed a second time and some being processed the first time, it gives you a more natural effect. It gives that gentle ombrť to pale golden blonde at the bottom. They would either use bleach or dye to do this.

Itís hard to say itíll need toning as it depends if they use dye or bleach and how much red and yellow your hair has in it. I donít know how brown your hair is, or if itís a warm or cool brown, so I canít guess :)
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