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Author Topic: How to darken bleached hair by 1/2 levels?  (Read 1368 times)  Share 

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How to darken bleached hair by 1/2 levels?
« on: 02 Jul 19 / 04:21 PM »
hi, sorry if this is the wrong place to post, but I've recently delved into the world of bleach and managed to achieve what i think it around a level 9 or 10. Basically I had to bleach a few times to get an even colour all over as some areas were more stubborn, which has ended up with my hair lifting slightly more than I want.

How could i darken the blonde without getting any unwanted hues? (green seems quite common for ashier blondes).

I'm a bit hesitant to use a box dye as I can't find any semi permanent ones in the level 8's or 9's and I don't want to be stuck with something i hate.

I've also tried playing around with toners but they only really seem to change the colour rather than the lightness of it.

I've attached an image below of my current colour.

{{Here's a bit more info if it helps at all:

About 5 weeks ago I bleached for the first time, but the sides and back didn't lift as well and so I just toned it and left it for a week, i then bleached again targeting the darker areas and then dragging the bleach out for the last 10 or so minutes to try to get an even tone. I toned again and was very happy with the result.

Then I had a haircut, I went in and bleached my roots but I repeated the process of dragging the bleach onto my ends for the last few minutes of processing to try to avoid any patchiness or demarcation lines, then i used Wella T18 just because that was was I used the first time i bleached.

My hair was basically white but it's faded to a slightly warmer colour as the toner has faded from the conditioning treatments I've been doing. I had virgin hair before I started and I've been very careful and my hair feels and looks pretty healthy for what it's been through, I just want it to be a little bit darker. }}

Thanks :D

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Re: How to darken bleached hair by 1/2 levels?
« Reply #1 on: 18 Jul 19 / 05:22 PM »
sorry for such a late reply.
Have you had a look at the adore range? they have a lot of natural shades which are semi permanent and can be diluted with conditioner to get even lighter shades. I think they are your best option.


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