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Author Topic: Any tips to get this as ashy and grey as possible?  (Read 752 times)  Share 

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So my hair had red in the ends from being dyed plum before which failed as my hair was bright red instead (it was done professionally). We used a color remover DDL from Malibu and then bleached twice using Pravana Ultra Light and 20 developer. Then dyed with 8.22 and 9.12 from Pravana and we tried to tone it with T14 and T050 from wella. Here is where we are now. I just want it super ashy and grey but a lot of golden still exists. Some said to use straight T050 (Wella), one said to go a shade darker using 7.11 or 6.11 intense ash with more ash additive (pravana) and another said to use Pravana Black Vivid and dilute it. Any ideas or which method to use? The second photo of longer hair was the goal, really I'll take anything as long as its super ashy.


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