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Author Topic: Unprocessed hair  (Read 689 times)  Share 

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Unprocessed hair
« on: 23 Jun 19 / 08:01 AM »
Can anyone recommend a veggie dye that will work on virgin unprocessed light auburn hair? If there is such a thing! I'd quite like a more orange/copper tone or even red!

Is it possible to do a bleach bath or similar super duper weak so that it doesn't alter my natural colour and help take veggie dyes better? As I've spent too long growing my hair out to permanently change it :) thanks

Hair pictured below.

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Re: Unprocessed hair
« Reply #1 on: 23 Jun 19 / 07:08 PM »

There are several dyes that will go over darker hair without bleaching, however the results will not be as vibrant as it would be on pre-lightened hair.  Virgin/un-lightened hair is not as porous or absorbent as hair that has already been lightened so if the colours you choose do not work as well, then you could try a very low volume bleach bath just to open the hair cuticle and let the dye take better and possibly show more vibrant results.  Best trying without the bleach bath tho as this will change your original hair colour even just a little, and any kind of bleach, no matter how minor can damage the hair. An alkaline shampoo can also help to open the cuticles, but avoid conditioner before dyeing as this closes the cuticle and smooths the hair.

Here is the section of our Gallery which shows Unbleached Hair Dye Results.  There are some orange shades in there that can help you see the results you may achieve.  When the photos have loaded you can hover your mouse (or click) on any photo to see more information on their original hair colour. 

The following link on our main website gives information on Dyeing Your Unbleached Hair

Hope this helps, and please let us see your results :)
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