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Author Topic: special effects nuclear red/blood red fading timeline/turnouts etc.  (Read 5750 times)  Share 

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i had dyed my hair with nuclear red/blood red/deep conditoner mixes for a few months, and i figured i'd post a few pictures to show how the color turns out with this mix, hopefully it'll help someone :3 my hair was bleached to a yellowish blonde to start

ignore the totally lame pictures by the way, i didn't think i'd be doing a timeline so i have to just use pictures i have

with about half and half (i think?) blood/nuclear red mix it came out like this:

nuclear red/blood red and manic panic raven (which was sshhiitt, faded out completely in a few days) streaked, a few washes later:

mostly nuclear red here, faded about a week(?):

and theeennnn after being almost entirely nuclear red, and having not redyed it for a good month or so (i've actually been trying to fade it out!), it looks like this:

so yeah, it stays pretty damn well (: the flash makes it look a little more orangey than it really is, it's still pretty red, just not as vibrant.  and i had to get a haircut for the play i'm in soon ):

hope this helps someone? :3


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Thanks for that :)
Its especially helpful showing newly dyed and faded photos as so many people like to know how the colours fade down.
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