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Author Topic: Looking for semi-permanent vegan brown  (Read 669 times)  Share 

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Looking for semi-permanent vegan brown
« on: 07 Jun 19 / 04:13 PM »
Hi friends! I'm currently on a quest for a semi-permanent line that is vegan and/or cruelty-free and offers natural shades of brown AND comes in a form I can reuse. I've seen a few but they tend to be loud punky colors.

I've got dark brown roots that fade down into a burgundy courtesy of Artic Fox Ritual. Ive been using Natural Instincts Dark Brown demi-permanent, but want to use something that does not have peroxide. My goaI is to grow out all the hair that has been damaged and bleached by previous permanent dye colorings. My hair is naturally a medium/dark brown so I want to eventually just have to color my lengths with Ritual.

I would love to stick with Artic Fox, but their only basic color is black, and I think that is just too stark of a contrast for what I want and don't want to go darker than brown. I also hear it fades to green, which would be a huge inconvenience.

Ideally I want something that comes in a bottle or tub like Artic Fox so I can only use what I need and dont have to mix it with a developer like the Natural Instincts.

So brown shades, no peroxide, cruelty free, no mixing.

Any suggestion? Much appreciated!

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Re: Looking for semi-permanent vegan brown
« Reply #1 on: 07 Jun 19 / 09:26 PM »
adore hair dyes have a natural range and are cruelty free. you can check out their colors and ingredients on the beeunique website
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