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Adding Photos to the Hair Dye Gallery

Started by Nickki, 25 May 19 / 06:49 PM

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We never add any photos to the Beeunique Gallery without permission from the person who owns the photo, so although you may add photos on this forum we will not automatically use them on the Gallery.

There are three ways you can submit your photo(s) to the Gallery

You can PM me on here to say we can use a photo you have added to the forum (click the private message logo under my avatar and send a link to the forum post/photo we can use)

You can upload the photos direct with our Gallery Add Photo form

You can post your photo(s) on this thread and we can upload them from there.

The wider the range of photos in the Hair Dye Gallery the more it can help other users so if you are happy for them to be added please let us know :)
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