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Author Topic: Salon did me wrong-help!  (Read 956 times)  Share 

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Salon did me wrong-help!
« on: 19 May 19 / 05:58 PM »
I have the absolute worst luck with hair color at a salon. I have never had my hair done where ive walked out feeling perfect. Ive been dying my hair at home since I was 14. Always darker. I never felt comfortable playing with bleach. I really wanted my hair lighter..try blonde as ive always forget had brunette or red toned hair. I went once to a reputable salon to get highlights as she wanted to see how my hair would take the bleach.. it did ok..a little warm for my liking when after toning but my hair pulls red and I had dyes that had to be lifted. Just went yesterday and wanted an bayalage/root smudge look. Its orange. Not only orange but has an almost pink tone to it on top of that. She foiled and toned and said that a few washes with purple shampoo should "tone it down a bit" and at my next visit we can go lighter as she likes to do it in stages. Whatever..I feel as though it's a ploy for money because my hair is healthy and I legit got lighter highlights the first time she did it! It could've been lifted MUCH MORE safely. I didn't know what to do. I paid her and immediately went to Sally's. I got some wella t10 and 20 volume and purple everything and now i'm sitting here debating on just rebleaching it myself.
I've bleached my son's hair with decent results. I feel if I can lift it a little more then tone I'll be ok. I will probably get loreal quick blue and 30 volume? Then use the T10. How long do you think I would need to process..i was thinking it wouldn't need long. and i'm nervous on getting the bayalage effect but I watched some vids and was going to enlist my husband to help.
I really am so upset at this please help! First picture is what I had in husband wants me to go back as I obviously spent $150. I'm bad at confrontation and want to just fix it myself.
 please help!


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Re: Salon did me wrong-help!
« Reply #1 on: 20 May 19 / 01:54 AM »
Bleaching can be unpredictable. Especially not on dyed hair. Especially on hair dyed many times over. A strand test helps, but it doesn't tell you everything and sometimes you won't get as good results on the test. You're lucky you found a hairdresser that didn't just dive in an bleach away and then bleach again.

You sometimes need to accept the result for a while. Balayage is not easy to do alone. It's not really an amateur thing to attempt. I've been dying my hair in all kinds of ways for about 30 years and I'm a semi trained hairdresser and I'd be nervous attempting a balayage on myself. It's not easy to make it look good. It might be slightly easier as you have something to follow, but it's still not easy to get right.

Also, bleaching hair that has been bleached recently isn't the best idea. You really need to leave it a few weeks because damage doesn't always show immediately. I would recommend trying the purple shampoo. If it doesn't work, try adding a tiny amount of blue dye to it. Blue works better toning orange than purple.
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