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Author Topic: Uneven Bleaching in Stripes  (Read 1218 times)  Share 

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Uneven Bleaching in Stripes
« on: 14 May 19 / 03:04 AM »
Over the last week I have tried bleaching my hair twice, and I am having terrible trouble with uneven bleach! I have naturally level 7-8 light brown hair, but had dyed it dark brown several months ago. When I began bleaching a week ago I had about two inches of roots. Now, I used a color remover (Colorfix) to try to strip out the dark brown dye, and it kind of worked. I did two applications of it, and while it removed a lot of the blue/black tones of the dye, if left behind A LOT of the red tones. A few days later when I bleached for the first time, my roots lifted to almost white and the rest of my hair turned a bright pumpkin orange! I waited a few days and did some good hair masks and even used a bit of my sister's olaplex no 3 before bleaching a second time, this time focusing on the majority section of my hair that was orange. It lightened a bit, but there is still a VERY major difference between my pale roots and the orange rest of my hair. How do you think I should proceed? I think I may try to bleach the orange parts one more time, then slap a toner on it. Even if I don't get to my preferred color (a very pale platinum) I think I should wait a week or two before putting even more bleach on. Would the toner help smooth everything out, or do you think the line between white roots and orange hair would still be very visible? Thanks!  PS I have attached a photo of my damp hair so you can see the clear issue at hand.  ;D

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Re: Uneven Bleaching in Stripes
« Reply #1 on: 17 May 19 / 03:39 AM »
Do not bleach again, you need to leave it at least month between bleaching hair to make sure it's truly strong enough to take it.

Platinum is a really, REALLY hard punt after dark brown dye. Dark colours stain and bleach isn't made to take it out. It might, but it's a very big might. It takes time to get to blonde, let alone pale platinum.

You'd be better toning the orange for now with a heavily diluted blue dye, so it's at lease less bright. Then, in a month or more, bleach your roots carefully and then put a bleach bath through the orange parts. Repeat this every month to six weeks IF your hair is in good condition still. Keep toning as you go.
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