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Author Topic: Can I use black directions to darken tulip colour?  (Read 930 times)  Share 

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I've coloured my natural mid brown hair using directions dark tulip.  It's not the colour I was looking for. I wanted it much darker.  Can I mix directions ebony with dark tulip to make it darker or will it look muddy?

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Re: Can I use black directions to darken tulip colour?
« Reply #1 on: 05 May 19 / 01:19 PM »
it will depend on the base of the black. if it is red based then you can use it. if it is green, it will get muddy. I can't remember what base it has as it changed a few years back.

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Re: Can I use black directions to darken tulip colour?
« Reply #2 on: 05 May 19 / 10:46 PM »
I think you'd be better off using Plum so it's in the same colour family.

Edit - Though it depends on the result you want. If you're happy for it to go a little more to the red side and lose some of the blue, use a red based black. If you want to keep the purple tone use Plum. If you're happy with it going more brown/burgandy if you're lucky, use a green based black as that will tone out the pink quite a bit.

I *think* directions ebony is red based now.
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