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Author Topic: Apologies for slow posting and replying to emails this month...  (Read 1476 times)  Share 

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Have also posted this on our Facebook Page.

OK difficult post but felt I owed it to explain to customers - Lately some orders and emails have not been processed/replied to as quickly as we normally would and for this I apologise. Lee (my husband) works most days but is still learning the ropes. I have not been in as much as i've had a health isue (Stroke) with ongoing medical tests and hosp appointments so not been around or in the right frame of mind to deal with things daily as I normally would.

I am totally fine and apart from a few tests still to do am now back to normal and will be catching up with everything. I am also going to be teaching Lee how to deal with more things so if I am off again he can fully cover (although, as my husband, he has not been at 100% this month either while I have been going through this).

I pride myself on replying to emails within a few hours and dispatching most orders the same day so feel very disappointed Beeunique has not been able to do this for the past couple of weeks but want to assure you things are back to normal now and I will catch up with all enquiries etc later today. - Nickki x
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Glad to hear you are feeling better, don't work youself too hard as you are probably still in recovery. I am sure people will understand and be more patient now that they know what has happened.

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I've already said it to you, but I'm so glad you're ok and take care of yourself.
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