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Author Topic: "Red" protein filler left brunette hair TOO red? help me pls :(  (Read 639 times)  Share 

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Went from platinum blonde to brunette, used a Red "protein filler" before dying my hair.. now my hair has an overly reddish tint now..I know I would have to use a "Filler" anyway in order to achieve brunette without it turning green but.. I wanted to have ASH brunette hair, the protein filler turned my hair dark brown, but with a REDISH tint.
I look washed out with any warm hues, hate any warmth in my hair.
UGH. Will the red hint in my hair eventually fade?  *ott*

Thank you for whoever responds! xx

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From what i understand, fillers are pretty much demi dyes which use no lift peroxide to add color. Which means that yes, they probably do fade, however, i couldnt tell you how long it would take. you need to be careful when using fillers as bleached hair is very porous and for cool tones, you can't leave the red on for too long or this will keep happening. you can also try using a golden brown filler instead of red next time.


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