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Author Topic: Ion color remover question - Dry hair and no pre washing?  (Read 830 times)  Share 

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I used Ion color remover last night to take out a demi dye that went too dark (teach me to change brands pfft). It's taken out a lot of the colour but I know it's still not as light as my base usually goes so I probably need to do it one more time.

Now the instructions say to shampoo your hair first and then apply the color remover. Is this just to get rid of build up and hair oils or is there some other reason? Since I have already used the remover and shampooed my hair a bunch of times yesterday do I really need to pre-shampoo it again if I use the remover today? I did do a deep conditioning treatment so that's one factor but I'm trying to avoid damaging my hair by washing it too much.

Also can I use this on dry hair or should it be damp? Every other color remover I've used works on dry hair. I found using it on damp hair last night was very difficult and it was running everywhere.

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Re: Ion color remover question - Dry hair and no pre washing?
« Reply #1 on: 09 Mar 19 / 05:16 AM »
As you used conditioner then I'm sure you'll need to wash it again.

It looks to me like it's basically like a vitamin C method (crushed up vitamin C tablet mixed with shampoo) amped up a little. So yeah, you probably do need to do it on damp hair. It's not the same as other colour removers.
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