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Author Topic: Blue to platinum  (Read 620 times)  Share 

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Blue to platinum
« on: 06 Mar 19 / 10:43 AM »
Hello everyone, just 2 months after dying my hair blue I get this wish to have platinum blonde. My hair was almost white before dying blue so I'm really mad at myself now. I did a ton of Vitamin C + dish soap washes and the color fades really slowly now. The Vitamin C Treatments are really drying on my hair.

My hair is really fragile so It wouldn't survive bleaching. (Even though Im sure it would take the last bits out.) I did a teststrand of the bleach powder + shampoo method but it didn't pull a lot of color and my hair felt horribly dry after it. I forgot to add the oil and heat though. Maybe that's why It didn't pull and felt dry? 
I'm scared it won't be able to survive a color remover. Are there any secret methods that I could try without frying my hair ? I will go swimming too but I'm not sure how much that will do. :(

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Re: Blue to platinum
« Reply #1 on: 06 Mar 19 / 06:23 PM »
Iím afraid some blues are impossible to remove completely. Swimming is about the only thing, but that alone is really harsh on the hair, so I wouldnít even recommend not wearing a swimming cap. I use blue a lot and Iíve found most of the time itíll never totally go, no matter what you do. Swimming did do it eventually, but it was many weeks of swimming 4 times a week before it went. My hair was also quite short, so it didnít matter so much about damage.
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