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Author Topic: How to Change Colorists in Same Salon?  (Read 679 times)  Share 

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How to Change Colorists in Same Salon?
« on: 04 Feb 19 / 08:10 PM »
Iím in a situation where I think Iím going to have to switch colorists in the same salon, which I know can be tricky.

A year ago, I moved from the city to a small town. Iíve been having my hair bleached platinum (from medium brown) for years, and I felt lucky to find a good colorist here. But after less than a year, my new colorist told me she was moving away. She referred me to another colorist in the same salon, telling me that she was a great colorist.

Iíve seen the new colorist a few times now, and Iím not too happy with her work. I really wonder if she even knows what sheís doing. My roots have turned out too gold, and now Iím noticing a fair amount of breakage around my face. I donít think sheís applying the bleach carefully enough. She seems a bit sloppy with it.

Iím going to have her switch back to 20 volume bleach, and I hope that makes a difference in terms of the breakage. The colorist who moved away used 40 volume, but Iím just not comfortable with that.

How would I go about changing colorists in the same salon? This is really the only hair salon in this town, and it does have a good reputation. The new colorist insists she knows how to bleach hair. I donít want to hurt her feelings, but itís my hair. I also donít know if anyone else would do a better job, though. I wish the last colorist had given me a few choices of colorists to interview, and let me decide on whom to hire. But I really donít even know what questions to ask of a new colorist.

Thank for any advice.

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Re: How to Change Colorists in Same Salon?
« Reply #1 on: 07 Feb 19 / 08:47 AM »
I wish I could help, but I'm afraid I'm not a loyal salon visitor. I rarely go back to the same salon twice, let alone the same stylist! I've stopped ever having my hair bleached by stylists because most don't do a good job.
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