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Author Topic: Unhappy After Bleach  (Read 819 times)  Share 

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Unhappy After Bleach
« on: 27 Jan 19 / 07:04 PM »
Hello peeps :)

I just had my hair bleached today, and wasn't very happy about it.

My hair (black) was bleached to the stage pale yellow, almost white at the ends. The stylist toned my hair using a purple shampoo and colored it "brown" after. I think that the ends were too blueish-silver (due to the purple shampoo, it was left around 30mins) and it honestly did not match the middle section of my hair (golden blonde). Also I was advised to use purple shampoo to maintain the color.

What I would like to ask is this:

A) If I use my normal shampoo and never use the purple shampoo,
    will my bleached hair revert to their "original post bleached" (pale yellow) stage?

Because I intend to fix my hair by coloring dark blonde!

Also, I would like to know:

B) When I do get my hair colored to dark blonde and the color washes out,
    will my bleached hair still be pale yellow like their "post bleached" stage?
     or do I have to bleach again to get to the pale yellow stage? 

I was honestly puzzled when the stylist was coloring my hair brown. The cream was white when applied, but turned brown a while later, and it stings my scalp. When asked if he put bleach in the coloring, he told me no.
If there was no bleach, how come my black roots turned dark brown in color? and how come it stings my scalp? I thought that when you bleach your hair past the yellow stage, you only had to incorporate color in it? And when I mean color, it should not sting right?

Thank you very much!! KISSES

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Re: Unhappy After Bleach
« Reply #1 on: 28 Jan 19 / 06:07 AM »
I'm a little confused what you have. Is it a brown to silver ombre? So, the roots being brown and the ends being silver?

Can you post a photo?

Do you want the brown gone? If so DON'T use a blonde dye. You need a colour remover. But I'm unsure how to advise until I understand what you want. It's probably me being silly :)

When asked if he put bleach in the coloring, he told me no.
If there was no bleach, how come my black roots turned dark brown in color? and how come it stings my scalp?

Bleach takes colour out, it doesn't add it, so I'm not sure what you mean about "if there was no bleach, how come my black roots turned dark brown". If the roots weren't bleached, but they were coloured with a brown dye then the dye will have had peroxide in it. That isn't bleach though. Peroxide is what is added to bleach and dye to make them work. Part of the job is to open the cuticle to let the dye in for hair dye and to let the natural colour out for bleaching. That is what will have been stinging. If he used this on bleach hair (which I think is what you're saying happened) then it would have been a it more painful because your scalp is already tender from being bleached.

To your other questions.

A) if you stop using the purple shampoo then yes it will go back to the pale yellow. But if you find that too yellow then use the purple shampoo again, but just don't leave it on for 30 minutes. I think that's generally too long anyway. Just using the shampoo as a normal shampoo should leave you with a nice blonde.

B) Don't do this. Your hair is already compromised by the bleach and if you dye it again too soon with a dye with peroxide you are really risking some very bad damage. A blonde dye also won't remove brown dye (if that's the intention). Bleach won't do it effectively either. You need a colour remover to get rid of the brown. To get rid of the blue/silver, just wash it with a harsh shampoo.

I hope I've understood what you meant :)

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Re: Unhappy After Bleach
« Reply #2 on: 30 Jan 19 / 03:44 PM »
Hi Janineb, thank you for your reply  *hugs*

First attachment is the photo of my current hair color. As you can see, the roots are "brownish" in color, the ends are more of "silverish" in color and the middle is a a combination of "gold".
Is this what you call ombre?

Honestly, I am pretty okay with the color in my hair. But just not in this combination (Brown, gold, silver). To me, it is either (brown + gold) or (black + silver).  ;D

If I could, I would want my future hair color to be like the second attachment (at least the bleached parts). When my color washes out, can my hair be of this color just using the purple shampoo? OR will I need to use a combination of color remover + bleach (if needed) + a (blonde) toner ?

** I am not ready to go full blonde as yet, if my bleached parts could go blonde like the second attachment, I am very HAPPY **

Furthermore, I have been reading this forum and I read that there is a peroxide/ammonia free toner? Is there such a toner that can make my hair like the second attachment?

My stylist is so expensive, and I am beginning to wonder if I could "tone/color" my hair to my desired shade since my hair has been bleached to a pretty light stage (yellow - pale yellow)  :P

Thank you so much! KISSES!!



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