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Author Topic: Pink Hair/Bleach Disaster!  (Read 692 times)  Share 

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Pink Hair/Bleach Disaster!
« on: 13 Jan 19 / 10:15 AM »
This is my first post, because I've had a bit of a nightmare with my hair and need some advice on how to fix it!!

I've had pastel pink hair for about 3 years now, always bleached in the salon but doing my own semi permanent pink hair dye at home - I don't get it done that often as I don't mind some roots.

I had my roots bleached the other day as I leave my hometown to go back to university tonight and don't have a hairdresser up there - It is an absolute disaster. The bleach was taken off far too soon and the hair underneath is practically orange! I have never had this problem before. This meant that she had to dye it a dark pink-purple colour which I absolutely HATE!

I could live with hating the colour for the time being - I know that dye fades BUT there's a massive contrast in colour from where my hair was bleached properly to white before and this new regrowth - I feel so scruffy and horrible - As pathetic as it is I've been crying non-stop - it makes me feel awful every time I see it in the mirror because I just loved how my hair was before.

So what I'm asking is if anyone has any advice on how I could try and bleach it up a bit more? I'm not that worried about damage or technique in terms of application of bleach - I've done it at home before and has been fine, and also have very very strong hair. What I am worried about is lifting the semi permanent colour that's already in there - should I try to get some sort of colour stripper before bleaching or just wash it and then apply bleach and hope for the best? I know this is not ideal circumstances but the thought of having to wait till I'm back again from uni in April is tragic! Please help !!! x

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Re: Pink Hair/Bleach Disaster!
« Reply #1 on: 14 Jan 19 / 05:42 PM »
a color stripper is nothing more than bleach with a fancy name to trick people into thinking it's not as damaging, so avoid them if you can. Since your hair was only bleached a few days ago, give it time before you go bleaching again. I would start by washing with a clarifying shampoo or using some of the none bleach fading methods to fade the color you have right now. once that has lightened, you can bleach your roots only to even the color out. Using coconut oil a few hours before and bleaching over it will help reduce damage. try not to bleach it too much as damage can take up to a month to fully show up.  Fading the color first, will help you see what your base is actually like so you don't over bleach it.
I hope that the salon has not been bleaching your hair to white as that is not good for your hair at all. Bleaching should only ever be done to a very pale yellow (like the inside of a banana)


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