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Author Topic: Hair Lightening Advice  (Read 645 times)  Share 

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Hair Lightening Advice
« on: 02 Jan 19 / 12:17 AM »

I have quite a lot of body hair (legs, arms, hand, feet) etc which I donít mind when it is lighter coloured and sun kissed, but I hate it when it isnít. So I bought some hair dye to use, and encountered some issues that I would like some advice about if any of you would be so kind.

I bought a blonde permanent hair dye (Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Blonde) and applied it to the hair on my hands and feet (toes and knuckles). Weird I know, but I thought it was a good test to make sure it worked. Anyway, at first it worked perfect and looked natural, less noticeable and sun-kissed, just like I wanted. But then after a couple of days, it started to fade a bit generally - but the main issue was that it faded from the top of the hair all the way to the bottom. So for a while, the hairs were part blonde, and part dark brown (the original, natural colour) - with a very distinct point at which the colour changed, so much so that it looked like it was two different coloured haired that had somehow connected. There was an exact, straight division of colour.

I know the dye was intended for head hair, and I do shower twice a day, but surely a permanent hair dye that worked fine at first shouldnít fade so quickly, and even if it did it seemed odd how it worked itís way down in such a regular fashion? Is that particular dye just rubbish or have I likely made a rookie mistake? Or maybe it just wonít happen. Just want some clarification.

Thanks for your time, and sorry it if seems like a stupid or weird question.

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Re: Hair Lightening Advice
« Reply #1 on: 02 Jan 19 / 04:08 AM »
Hair grows. Even body hair. Body hair grows quite quickly, that's why you have a sharp devision so quickly. Even on the hair on my head, after a day I can see roots coming through as I have fast growing dark hair. Also, as you say, it's not meant for body hair and so it will not behave as it does on head hair which is quite different. Permanent really only means it'll have a permanent effect, but all dyes can and often do fade.

It could also be very dangerous to use this kind of dye on a large area of skin. The chemicals in dye are the kind that very easily cause severe allergic reactions and they can happen at any time. Using it over a large area of skin exposes you to far too much of these chemicals and so could cause a reaction.

There isn't really a good way to lighten hair on your body with dark no roots showing in a few days really.
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