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Author Topic: Help me with my ginger hair  (Read 714 times)  Share 

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Help me with my ginger hair
« on: 28 Dec 18 / 11:21 AM »

Hi! My hair is naturally golden and dirty shade of blonde but I’ve always dreamed of being a ginger.

I dye my hair with henna. The first try was beautiful and matched my skin so well, it was golden shade of ginger. Over time dying made the colour more intense and now I hate it.

The problem is that my very pale skin has olive and warm undertones that look horrible with my current hair.

I truly want (and have no choice - henna) to stay ginger but do not now what shade to go. Someone told me I should go less “orange and brassy” since it brings out the times in my skin and go more “golden/brown” shade of ginger.

What do you think? Would that shade suit me? Wouldn’t it make me all washed out?

Thank you for any advice <3 i am desperate..

Here are some photos of my right out of the bed. And a photo of my colour Inspo.

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Re: Help me with my ginger hair
« Reply #1 on: 10 Jan 19 / 09:29 AM »
Yeah sure that color suits your hair and doesn't think it will washed out

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Re: Help me with my ginger hair
« Reply #2 on: 11 Jan 19 / 12:41 PM »
I think that color really suits your skin color but understand how you feel as people tell me they love my color sometimes when i dont like it at all. The color you want is not far off from what you have. you only need to remove the brassy/red tones a little bit to get the desired shade. However, i do not know how to do it as i have never used Henna myself and from what i have hear, henna is difficult to remove as some cannot be bleached due to the metal salts in the henna.
Why is Henna your only choice?


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