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Author Topic: I know nothing about hair extensions! Halp please!  (Read 777 times)  Share 

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I have read the sticky at the top of the page, but before buying anything I need to find out whether hair extensions are even what I want/need.

My hair is currently growing out from having two side shaves, itís currently about an inch long on either side. Iíll try and attach a picture below. The rest of my hair is just about shoulder length.

My ideal end goal is this awesome fire hair - Iím hoping I can dye the rest of my hair red, maybe with orange tips and have extensions to both bulk out where Iíve flipped my hair to cover the side shave, and ombrť into yellow at the bottom of the extensions.  Iíve removed darker colours before and had red a million times so the dye job isnít a concern, just whether extensions will look ok or if they will be super obvious.

If extensions would work - I know nothing about extensions! Obviously clip-ins are cheaper and flexible, but would going to a hairdresser and getting ďproperĒ extensions be better given my crazy hair cut? If so, what are the different options and price ranges? Are they uncomfortable to sleep on? What kind of maintenance do they require?

Any help massively appreciated!



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